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The kitchen, an Italian masterpiece.

Everything at Villa Centofiori, was studied, designed and achieved, thinking to the ease and simplicity of each function and keep them essential and effective, to facilitate maintenance, to respect the nature by integrating with it, because living in a tropical surrounding isn’t easy and it can be a challenge if improperly dealt with.

Our kitchen, is pretty much open although is raised from the ground and has two opposite bricks walls that delimit it; the other two sides are open but of course completely covered and protected from the wind, which could interfere with the burning flames of stove fires.

The heart, is the central table 2x2m solid wood encapsulating all the functions and a cabinet against the wall behind the cook position, where all the kitchen equipment are stored. The underside of the table, is to accommodate the oven and several drawers and hosting the pans and whatever else necessary. 

A special elevated rack, literally suspended, overhead the central table, accessible from all four sides and where are, at fingertips, the ingredients and all the things necessary for the preparation of the food and  cooking. 

In the final analysis, it’s a comfortable, airy and pleasant room where 4 people can work simultaneously without interfering each other, without any accumulation of fumes and odors that within a tropical house would become unpleasant scents.  

The central-table allows three sides “workstations”: one side for the preparation of food, is a surface completely free from encumbrances but with access to the elevated, overhead structure where are the ingredient, recipes books and more… Four persons+helpers, can work at the same time without interfering each others and keep them at ease. 

It’s easy to prepare homemade pasta even if someone else is cooking at the stove side and another is washing dishes, in fact one side is dedicated to the sink, large and very comfortable with a high faucet with a long lever for easy operation. Enough space either side. 

The third side is where to cook. There is a 3-burner encapsulated on a glass basement with amble space to the two sides, have access and control the elevated, overhead structure-rack and the necessary tools hung on either side, an electric oven below and a powerful Microwave oven on the rack on the back. 

200lt huge chiller with any programmable temperature you wish, double-glass windows allows to locate things you need before opening the doors. 2 top-door freezer and an additional 150lt fridge+freezer are at the basement storage room. 

Efforts to find easy solutions, ergonomic and pleasant for Villa Centofiori, were not limited to the kitchen but for everything has been created.

The master bathroom is not simply a toilet where to perform bodily functions but it’s a lounge where to spend time pleasantly and comfortably do what nature requires.

The wet area is limited to the shower and toilet behind the artistic stained-glasses. A wide artistic mirror is entirely occupying the wall over the full-length counter where the washbasin is. Spot lights appropriately light-up strategic places. 

The guest house, is simply a nice independent cottage, quite, cool, ensuite bright bathroom.

The master living room is a huge space realized with the most precious woods where you can relax luxuriously in the quiet and cool.

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