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No regrets… perhaps only one!

Villa Centofiori, now for sale, is located on Gili Gede, a small island off Lombok’s SW peninsula, East of Bali Island. We discovered this secluded corner on our wonderful globe in 1999 and we chose it to create here our own paradise where to live for the rest of our life or until we will have the strength and the energy to enjoy it.  We predicted that there couldn’t be a development in this area for many, many years to come, due to the distance from the city, the lack of infrastructure, hotels, restaurants etc.

This was a place where you had to come on purpose and without hope of finding any ease or comfort, clubs, places sophisticated, youth unleashed … We created our comfort and ease inside Villa Centofiori since when there was nothing on this island. To tell the truth, there have always been surfers who came to play with the big waves a few kilometers from here but they never disturbed anyone and you can still meet them throughout the year although the best waves are from the July to October. Around the promontory, occasionally we have also seen yachts anchoring in this sheltered place. Whereas there are no decent Hotels or restaurants in the vicinity, they only stayed for a while. On 30th August 2012 I posted  http://centofiori-giligede.blogspot.it/2012/08/la-fine-di-un-sogno.html the end of a dream “Our paradise is about to be brutally invaded by the progress and perhaps by mass tourism. A Marina with a Yacht Club is about to be built one step away from our Centofiori, practically neighboring and this will upset the peace that we have had over the years since we established on the island. This planned invasion surprised us: it was totally unexpected because coming from the sea. Someone else, besides us, an Australian captain of a magnificent sailboat with which he charters, he realized that this island is a protected anchorage and is the ideal base in the center of the Indonesian archipelago, Bali which is reachable in few hours, the Lombok’s northern islands, Komodo, Sulawesi and surrounded by many pristine islands and optimal target of all Australians invading Indonesia with their boats.”

This is a fantastic idea, but it will disrupts completely our peace and the paradise that we firstly discovered. Two couples, friends of us, after spending a vacation in Gili Gede with us, decided to join us after retired few years later and for this reason we purchased a piece of land that we cleaned and prepared to build there two more villas for them to stay. When they heard about this Marina plan, they gave up their project and chose Thailand to stay. If we were younger, we would be in the ideal position to take advantage of this project to our benefit, in a way unimaginable because we know how a Marina works and it is structured and organized. A marina needs, before wharves at sea, a fairly large land space ashore for all services that sailors need: restaurants, bars, hotels and laundries… and we own all the space needed to meet most of everything and a lot more because our territory is not just a “piece of land” but it is a park with open spaces but also trees, beautiful places set in green where accomplish everything a Marina but also a Resort may need. But this is not what we wish to do and what we wanted when we landed here and built what we realized just to get away from unbridled “civilization”. Unfortunately, the Australian captain had the right to create his “paradise” to our dismay that in a few years will mark the end of Villa Centofiori and the dream of two people. We will have to look for another corner for us, in this world, but it will be not another paradise like Villa Centofiori. 

This was a little less then 3 years ago and the Marina is still a dream in the mind of a man that doesn’t have the guts to conclude a project that has waved, ahead of time, to the four winds, putting in turmoil the entire population of this island with his fantasies and make bureaucrats more acquisitive. The right wit requires that for such a project someone should plan appropriately without discovering his cards ahead of time and before having acquired the land needed. Would be too easy to do business attracting investors with only a good idea and without being personally involved in doing at least what doesn’t require specific authorizations. Yachts will survive without a pier where to dock but will love to go ashore and find infrastructures and services. In this connection, what I have illustrated on my article “Amphitheater land”, regardless the Marina will be completed or not this is the right place where to make a fantastic Resort and create the services for those yachts anchoring around this promontory. 

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