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La fine di un amore.

Do you know the main reason why people fall out of love?  Is it because people come to the realization that they are just not right for each other, or maybe they can’t get over an ex? 

These reasons can impact a relationship, but are not the overriding reason why people break up. The number 1 reason why people fall out of love is because they’re only human. It’s all part of our make up to fall out of love occasionally – some people more frequently than others.

We take a break from each other, realize the mistakes we made, and we fall back in love, deeper than ever before. Yet before you know it, we fall out of love all over again. It’s a familiar pattern that we continue to repeat as we go through life. “ I just wasn’t in love anymore”, is a phrase often muttered when the heart stop skipping a beat, and those exhilarating feelings start to fade.

Even though we don’t really believe it deep down, we often delude ourselves that the feeling of ‘happily ever after’ has to mean butterflies, lust and exhilarating moments 24/7. The best part about falling out of love is learning how to develop real love in a happy marriage or long-term partnership that endures. Some people seem to be able to do this effortlessly, and comes naturally, or at very least, is something in the subconscious from their upbringing. But for most of us, a little help is in order. 

Here are some simple love laws that help you rekindle your feelings for your partner:

1. Love is something you give.

We all mistakenly believe that love is something that happens to us. The best way to feel love is simply to give it. Real love comes from a willingness to bring joy into someone’s life without asking for anything in return. If you can do this, absolutely anything is possible.

2. Be thankful and show your gratitude in meaningful ways.

We often spend more time focusing on what we don’t like about our partner or what is missing in a relationship. It’s time to concentrate on what we love about him or her and embrace that. When you show genuine gratitude and show it with meaningful actions – like writing letters to your partner, it will bring you that much closer, and even more grateful and protective of love you have.

3. Break down your walls.

At some point everyone gets hurt by love (rejected, shamed, and even ridiculed), and we know the risks we take by opening ourselves up to love again. It takes lots of self-belief and courage to put yourself through this again. But it’s the only way of letting the dust of the past settle and moving on – and sustaining real love again. Once you are able to finally kick away those defense mechanisms and break down those protective walls you have been hiding behind, you will finally be able to open yourself up to love, and be loved again.

When you play by the laws of love and commit yourself with an open heart, you can sustain a loving, healthy relationship. There is no ‘one size fit’s all’ approach to love and often it’s not easy, but results are definitely worth fighting for.


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