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Escape from the city.

Living  on an island is fascinating, 

but problematic anywhere and mostly everything depends on infrastructures available. The most emblematic example we can refer to is a Maldives’ island, which is self-contained island-hotel. Their guests can only have what the hotel is providing. 

When, whichever island you choose, there is nothing there, to make living at ease, you have to arrange what you may need to make your life comfortable and safe.

Escape from the city to buy a house of this type above, euphemistically called “villa”, only because is located in a small coral island with an exotic name and then, in addition to all problems related to such accommodation, having to discuss condominium problems as in our great cities, it means to have fallen from the frying pan into the fire because here, condominium rights have not been written yet. 

The scenario is even worse if it is offered to manage and maintain your property, in this case is better to stay in a 10-stars resort without buying anything. Have the nerve to offer for a price such a solution.

People going to a tropical island is looking for the magic, expecting to find romance when they can’t find it in any other place. My friend! It’s an island, if you don’t bring it here, you won’t find it. (excerpt from movie “6days, 7nights”) 

Maybe due to the high price of the land, but mostly because, in the Southeast Asia including Bali, only a little land space is allocated to build their houses to preserve the rice fields where to produce the main food of local ethnic groups. 

Today, we can see residential houses also luxury ones and resorts constructed so close each-other, enough to challenge the obscene. Have a look at the picture above (I won’t say where, but it’s on a small island) where are clearly visible the high walls surrounding the house but providing “private swimming pools” as big as a puddle and they don’t have the decency to call it a jacuzzi. 

There are resorts today, with fancy names like “boutique resort”, “SPA resort”, offering to sell “villas” of 1-2-3 bedrooms in what can be defined as condominiums, as they have some shared facilities. Needless to remind the definition of villa, which is an elegant house in a park. These, instead of trees, have walls to divide them from the house next door. Often bathrooms for this type of house are made Balinese style, which is partially in open air and walls around are unavoidable. Don’t even think to talk to your wife in the next room or outside because neighbors can’t avoid to listen to you. Whispering all the time is more appropriate. 

This is exactly the heavy level of cosmopolitan development that westerners are escaping from. 

These kind of “resorts” on the mainland are still somehow acceptable as they have access to a road and maybe even have a garage or a parking space. Imagine what this will be on a small island where are not even allowed motorbikes. Who buys these houses, only have small paths to access their homes. Owners cannot have own means of transport nor a boat because there isn’t the place to moor it and if all the owners want a boat to move around or go fishing, this resort would need a port. A coral island, moreover, is always surrounded by coral reef that emerges at low tide and makes it impossible to reach the beach. If this lucky owner of this villa does not want to get stuck in the little island where he lives, he needs a car, even if rented, thence a garage where to keep it. 

In an emergency, if you don’t have a boat and a car, you can certainly ask for help, daytime, but you may die waiting for it. In my believe, a resort is namely “a place with facilities for vacationers” can be done if arranged as an Hotel and even in this case have to provide full services to the vacationers because they have no possibility to go out for food nor cook by themselves because supermarkets aren’t available. 

We are living on a small island and we have faced and successfully solved all of these problems and made it enjoyable. Even if we love to go out for dinner sometime, we made things so to be completely independent as far as food concerned, communication (telephone, Skype, Internet and payTV), water, electricity and transport. We made a jetty outside the gate of the Villa, where to moor our boat in deep water so that even with low tide the boat is floating and we can get onboard. We purchased land on mainland where we made another jetty to dock, connected to the garage where our car is parked. Weekly or so we go to town and do the shopping and moreover we have storage room with huge shelves and fridges, chiller and top freezers to safely store our food. I had to do this to provide the required comfort for a private residence, we can easily understand that we need a similar but bigger organization to run a resort and it’s impossible to do it in such a structure where the space available is so narrow unless the resort is providing everything including full board. In other words, is useless to have a kitchen if there is no place where to do shopping. 

What we offer for sale instead, is a magnificent VILLA (we deserve this title) with 7000 sqm of park, gardens and with everything you ever wanted. A beautiful house and a guest house fully independent, a freshwater pool covered with sunshields and a large area in front for relaxing and dining, a natural lake with koi fishes thriving in it. A gazebo to unwind and secluded spots tucked in the cool shade of the trees. A large space in front of the 150m beach where to indulge your senses. Contrary to the problems of all the homes on islands, Villa Centofiori may rely on unlimited quantities of fresh water that, in fact, allow us to have lakes, streams, fountains and irrigate the parkland during the dry season from July to October, when all the rest of the island turns yellow and dies until the next rainy season. 

More over, also available separately from the connected existing Villa, facing the other side of the promontory, an additional hectare of beautiful park, not an insignificant flat land but land with plains and groves and a natural lake sloping down to over 100m of beach, where you may realize anything you could want. You may wish to add a track for horses or a golf course, or both for a magnificent Resort with terraced villas deep in the green hills high above sea level enjoying views of the sea in front and the sunset over Bali with the Bali Agung on the horizon. 

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