The sea surrounding the island is characterized by crystal clear, mostly calm, waters since the island is protected throughout the year by a coral reef off the coast, connected to a chain of smaller islands that form an effective barrier to the potential fury of the ocean during the rainy season from December to February.

Even with the rough sea outside the coral barrier, it's always possible to choose protected destinations for excursions. 
Within short distances there are secluded beaches for activities on and below the water, diving, snorkeling and surfing.

Beaches easily reachable by boat, others for surfers on the mainland within 20min. ride by car. 

"Surface supplied air" – or hookah – diving, offers a natural progression from having learned how to swim, extending that with perhaps snorkeling and now diving with a hookah diving systems that in many ways resembles the feel of snorkeling, but now without the need to resurface all the time for breath of air and instead affording you time to enjoy and study the sights below the surface enjoying hours of fun exploring the underwater world up to 3 divers at 60ft/18m. 

Boat-mounted compressors and diving equipment to enjoy underwater activities without carrying bulky and expensive equipment in the complete freedom to dive when and where we want.